Compiled from here: is now live. There are a good deal of statistics with seemingly random numbers. I'm assuming these are also a clue.

Donated overview

$100,249.94 total donated by CAH

299 projects backed

$557.80 average cost

$157.67 smallest project cost

$3,371.66 largest project cost

# of Students we bought stuff forEdit

38,318 Children bought for

952 Burmese Tigers 11/lbs a day

22,000 miles /2,431,000 calories

38,318 Chimney sweeps for 38,318 Chimnies

Money SpentEdit

38,318 Children bought for 

Money spent $2,560: 2.1 square feet at the GWB library or

477 fields trips (shuttle icons)

$28,224 1.2 hours of Mitt Romney campaign ($22,590/hour) or

Books for 7,106 Students (12, 109, 30, 20, 35, 42, 100, 60, 33, 5, bunch of coloring books)

$28,701.95 5'5" US/mex wall or

Computers for 9,418 Students (two van de graff, a dna electro unit, a Celestron astromaster 90eq, 23 computers, 97 calculators, three projectors, 12 printers)

$40,763.42 1.7 Sq feet of Nimitz at $159,42/" or

Schools supplies for 21,317 students (22 mallets, 85 insects,500 toys, 38 boar games, a setof greatest discoveries, a bunson burner, a wind tunnel, 60 padlocks, a set of gongs, 6 hoops, five chess clocks, a tshirt print press, a lectern, a bag of 30 sharks, ten puppets, 30 constitutions, 66 large owl pellets, a hissing cockroach, 150lbs of modeling clay, eight guitars, ten desks, and backpacks for 60 students in SD. COMMENT - Interesting what is numerical and what is written out



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